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Genealogy is a hobby of mine through which I am trying to obtain more information about my ancestors. I can trace my family tree back to the year 1666, but there's little or no information on the wives or siblings. By putting this page up, I hope to find out a lot more. If any of the names on my tree mean anything to you, please don't hesitate to get in touch with me. I am particularly looking for any further information on the names Wolf, Klein, Stelzl, Rackl, Sturm, Fischl, Stehr, Aschenbrenner, Erl, Hirsch, Brogl. My research up to now has been primarily related to the district of Regen/Bayern, especially Prackenbach and Viechtach, Bohemia, especially Fichtenbach / Taus. I am also interested in anything and everything to do with the name Penzkofer and the village Penzkofen in Schwarzach.